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Waterwise response to Thames Water consultation on draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019

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Waterwise responded to a select group of WRMPs to help raise ambition on water efficiency. We will be holding a Supporter Only event and launching a report on water efficiency in WRMP19 later in 2018.

The key elements of our response include that we’d like to see:

  • greater ambition on water efficiency in the final WRMP. Although a national target has not been set we’d like to see a stretching target for Thames linked to the PCC common performance commitment of at least 110lpd by 2045, and ambitious water efficiency beyond 2030
  • a greater range of innovation both in the short term and from 2030 onwards (where the current plan has a supply focus only)
  • We want to see Thames Water’s continued engagement in the Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group and the Leadership Group for Water Efficiency and Participation
  • more ambition on metering penetration to 2030
  • more innovation in schemes such as stormwater reuse or centralised reuse
  • more detail on reducing non-household water use