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Waterwise response to Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s draft Water Resources Management Plan consultation 2019

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Waterwise responded to a select group of WRMPs to help raise ambition on water efficiency. We will be holding a Supporter Only event and launching a report on water efficiency in WRMP19 later in 2018.

Our response to DCWW’s draft WRMP sets out that we’d like to see:

  • Greater ambition on water efficiency in the final WRMP – it does not include a PCC target and we would like to work with Welsh Water to develop a stretching long-term target and milestones to meet it
  • Water efficiency mainstreamed across the company’s customer offer, and greater links between customer engagement, affordability, the environment, energy and water efficiency – DCWW’s continued engagement in the Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group and the Leadership Group for Water Efficiency and Participation
  • More ambition on metering, including consideration of a ‘soft’ metering programme
  • Greater engagement with non-domestic customers to reduce water consumption