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Waterwise response to Affinity Water consultation on draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019

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Waterwise responded to a select group of WRMPs to help raise ambition on water efficiency. We will be holding a Supporter Only event and launching a report on water efficiency in WRMP19 later in 2018.

The key elements of our response to Affinity Water included:

  • Waterwise supports the leading work Affinity work has been undertaking on behaviour change and metering in PR14
  • Affinity Water has a PCC of 160l/p/d, which is one of the highest in the sector. The draft plan suggests going down to 120l/p/d in the preferred plan. We suggest that the final plan should be at a lower level of 110 l/p/d
  • We plan to work with Affinity Water through our Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group to gain wider support for water efficiency from Government and other stakeholders
  • We’d like to see more details of the innovative approaches proposed to reduce consumption and suggest that the level of risk associated with wider government and societal changes be revisited
  • We’d like to see greater partnership working with retailers and will be working with Affinity Water and and retailers through a new Leadership Group on Retail Water Efficiency to help all companies progress in this area