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Waterwise Annual Report (2009-2010)

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Section 1 – Key Waterwise achievements


The past year has seen significant progress made in water efficiency – not only in terms of large-scale water efficiency projects, but also in understanding more about water-usingbehaviours.

In the 2009 Price Review for England and Wales, an unprecedented number of water efficiency retrofits were funded, and Waterwise’s Evidence Base was cited by bothOfwat and the water companies as an important tool in that outcome.

The 2009 joint water company water efficiency campaignwas entitled Shower Power. The campaign, spearheaded by Olympian Kriss Akabussi, focused on encouraging shorter showers. The campaign was supported by 12 water companies and for the first time used social norms to encourage water-efficient behaviour. Key messages were promoted through advertorial in Virgin Electric Ezine, Virgin Trains Hotline Magazine and Your M&S Magazine

to an audience of over three million. The campaign alsosecured coverage on 23 regional radio stations, in national newspapers, and numerous websites.

January 2010 saw the launch of Waterwise’s Tap into Savings programme. The programme, which runs until March 2011, sees water- and energy-efficient products being installed in 7,600 homes in three areas of England (Merstham and Redhill in Surrey, Coventry, and Braintree)