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Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK – Year 1 Full Report

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Water resources are under increasing pressure from climate change, population growth and the need to protect the environment. The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) report ‘Preparing for a drier future’1 sets out that without further action, there is a 1 in 4 chance over the next 30 years that large numbers of households in England will have their water supply cut off for an extended period because of severe drought. And it estimates the economic impact of severe restrictions in England at between £25 and £40 billion. This builds on the Water UK Long Term Water Resources Planning Framework report2, which highlights that we can expect more frequent, more intense and longer droughts across the UK, not just in the South East of England.

This report sets out, for each theme of the Strategy:

  • Progress against actions in Year 1; and
  • Priorities for Year 2
  • It also sets out a conclusion and next steps.