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UK Water Efficiency Strategy visits Scotland

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The weather may have been ‘dreich’ but the welcome was warm when the Waterwise team visited Edinburgh (Monday 20 February) to engage with Scottish stakeholders about the UK-wide water efficiency strategy through to 2030.

The UK-wide water efficiency strategy to 2030 – has set a vision of ‘A UK in which all people, homes and organisations are water-efficient’. 

Nicci Russell, Managing Director for Waterwise, said: “It was wonderful to be together in person, discussing the opportunities for water efficiency in Scotland. There are some very real water scarcity pressures in Scotland and it was great to have so many colleagues in the room, committed to and already working on water efficiency as a key part of the solution to this – and fired up about supporting our Strategy! Water efficiency will help us adapt to the climate emergency – making the water we have go as far as it needs to – as well as tackle it by bringing down carbon and energy use.”

The event, hosted at Business Stream’s Edinburgh headquarters, included a range of stakeholder presentations before a speed networking session got everyone talking.

Jo Dow, Business Stream CEO, said: “As a responsible water retailer, we’re passionate about promoting the importance of water efficiency and fully support Waterwise’s UK water efficiency strategy. We were delighted to host the event at our offices, which provided a fantastic opportunity to come together as an industry and identify ways we can collaborate more effectively to drive this issue further up the agenda”.  

Setting out 10 clear strategic objectives through to 2030, Waterwise has outlined in the strategy the reasons for these, what needs to change, who needs to be involved and how it will track progress.

Brian McCarthy, Economic Demand Manager at Scottish Water and Co-Chair of the Scottish Water Efficiency Steering Group, said: “This was an excellent opportunity for us to come together and reflect on the actions needed to help protect our water environment, including how policy in Scotland can ensure secure water supplies into the future.”

The full strategy and details for getting involved are found at