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UK water efficiency campaigners Waterwise announce new Chair (25th June 2021)

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Influential campaigning organisation Waterwise is delighted to announce its new Chair! Waterwise – whose vision is that water is used wisely every day, everywhere – supports and challenges everyone in the UK to be ambitious on water efficiency.

Tania Flasck will take over as Waterwise Chair in July. Tania is a Non-Executive Director of British Water and Director of Water with Skewb, having spent the majority of her career in the water sector, working globally in a variety of roles. Martin Bradbury has been Waterwise Chair since October 2015. He is Executive Chair of WGM Engineering and has had a long career in the water sector, both in the UK and internationally, and is a former Trustee of WaterAid.

Tania said:

‘I am absolutely thrilled to accept the Chair for Waterwise. My passion for the environment and water started as a child and my career has luckily afforded me opportunities to live and work in water all over the world. Coupled with my other passion – people – this role brings it all together, to support Waterwise on the next steps of their journey. Water efficiency has never been more important in the face of climate and growth challenges. The work Nicci and her team are doing to influence the sector and drive change is critical and needs everyone from all walks of life to be involved. I look forward to continuing Martin’s legacy!’

Martin said:

‘The last six years as Chair of Waterwise have been a wonderful experience for me personally. As a member of the Board, I have had the opportunity to help to build an organisation that truly believes in the great aspirations that it has. As an organisation, Waterwise has changed immensely over that six years and whilst most of the challenges that we faced have been overcome, the new challenges for the Board and the Executive Team are already becoming clearer.  I am sure that together, you will not just overcome those challenges but ensure that as an organisation, Waterwise moves from strength to strength, built on the ambition and talent that as a team, Waterwise demonstrates every day in a world-changing cause.’

Managing Director Nicci Russell said:

‘I want to say a huge thank you to Martin for all his incredible work over the last five and a half years. I have learnt a lot from him and he has always had my back. Together we have brought Waterwise to new heights, and we are in great shape. And I’m really excited to welcome Tania as Chair – her skills, experience and profile as an authentic leader in the sector will be invaluable in the next stage of our journey. Now is a great time to join the Waterwise Board! Water efficiency is beginning to be mainstreamed across the water sector, and we have driven policy and regulatory changes which have been on the wishlist for a long time, including a mandatory water efficiency label for products. We have a fantastic team, and staff wellbeing is high. We have successfully expanded our influence into Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, becoming a truly UK organisation. Our campaigns are now run at UK level right across the year. We are well-respected as an ideas engine and for our knowledge, expertise and guidance. I can’t wait to work with Tania to take this to the next level and drive even more water efficiency. There is still a huge amount to do – including becoming more diverse in the voices we listen to.’
Notes for Editors: Waterwise is an independent not-for-profit campaigning organisation, and the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK. Our vision is that water will be used wisely, every day, everywhere. We receive funding from Waterwise Supporters and Affiliates across the UK, and from sponsorship, research and delivery projects. Please contact with any queries.