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The weather may have been ‘dreich’ but the welcome was warm when the Waterwise team visited Edinburgh (Monday 20 February) to engage with Scottish stakeholders about the UK-wide water efficiency strategy through to 2030. The UK-wide water efficiency strategy to 2030 – has set a vision of ‘A UK in which all people, homes and …

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Using Thames Water as a case study, this study compares climate responses of the water sector in the Global North to that of the Global South. It explores the role of behaviour change in averting water shortages and advocates for resilient water management that is built on increased connection between people and water through public-practitioner co-responsibility for water efficiency.

The attached letter sets out Waterwise’s response to the draft PR24 methodology proposed by Ofwat. It was submitted to Ofwat on 5th September 2022.

Defra commited in July 2021 to publishing a water efficincy roadmap for new and existing buildings by the end of 2022. Acting on behalf of Defra the Future Homes Hub issued a call for evidence in August 2022. This document is the Waterwise response.

This one pager sets out Waterwise’s 5 headline asks for inclusion in the new roadmap for more water efficient buildings that Defr have commited to publishing in 2022.

This letter is the final response from Waterwise to the consultation on a new statutory water demand reduction target linked to the Environment Act. Whilst strongly supporting the target we are calling for changes to the proposed metric and for more ambition.

Economic Insight were commissioned by the Retailer Wholesaler Group WESG, supported by the MOSL Market Improvement Fund, to:⎯ identify and make recommendations on addressing barriers to WE delivery for customers, retailers and wholesalers; and⎯ assess current and potential future mechanisms / incentives (including financial) that would enable greater volume of WE activity and water savings …

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