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SaveWater South East Local Authority and Housing Association Toolkit

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This toolkit was developed by SaveWater South East and includes:

  • Water Efficiency for Local Authorities – The Opportunities and drivers
  • Overview of partnership companies and how they can work with local authorities and housing associations
    • Thames Water
    • South East Water
    • SES Water
    • Portsmouth Water
    • Affinity Water
    • Waterwise
    • Southern Water
  • Water Efficiency Case Studies
    • SES Water – Working in Partnership – Preston Water Efficiency Initiative
    • SES Water – Tap into Savings
    • Affinity Water – The art of water conservation
    • Southern Water – The case for a variable infrastructure charge
    • Thames Water – household ‘leaky loos’ trial
    • Thames Water – smarter home visits
    • Thames Water – making our own toilets more efficient
  • Map of SaveWater South East Water companies