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Making the case for metering (2011)

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About Fairness on Tap

Fairness on Tap is a coalition of organisations calling for a fair deal for water – for customers and the environment. We include:

• Angling Trust
• AssociationofRiversTrusts
• Buglife
• Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management• Great British Refurb
• National Trust
• Salmon and Trout Association
• TheWildlifeTrusts
• Waterwise
• Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

We are calling for the government to set out a strategy to install water meters in at least the 80% of England where there is greatest pressure on the freshwater environment and people’s pockets, by 2020. This must be supported by fair tariffs to make water bills affordable for everyone and help to reduce water waste and protect the freshwater environment.

This report was written by Vicky Garner (Campaign Manager, Fairness on Tap), Rose Timlett (WWF-UK) and Nicci Russell (Waterwise). We would like to thank all those who helped contribute to this report, providing information and insight as part of our Fairness on Tap discussions. In particular we would like to thank all the families who have shared information on their experience of water metering and have volunteered to be included as case studies, as well as Anglian Water, Southern Water, South West Water, Age UK, the Women’s Institute, Unison and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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Because of the different regulatory and political context in Northern Ireland, Scotland and

Wales, this document relates to England only.

March 2011.