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Food and Drink Water Use Reporting (2015)

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The Food and Drink Water Use Reporting scheme allows former FHC signatories to continue to report their water use data. It comprises of 56 companies across 223 sites.This report summarises the collective water savings made in 2014 by those companies that continue to report via the Food and Drink Water Use Reporting scheme. Between 2007 and 2014, participants collectively made a 15% reduction in their water use (excluding that in product). Water intensity has been reduced by 22.9% compared to the 2007 baseline. This equates to a water reduction of 0.53 m3/tonne of product. This is a notable achievement given that production for these sites increased by 10.2% over the same reporting period. Between 2013 and 2014, participants reported a 0.27 million m3 reduction in annual water use. This represents a saving of around £0.4 million in the purchase of water alone.