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Essex & Suffolk Water H2eco Phase III – Pilot Study (2009)

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Executive Summary

H2eco are a series of water efficiency studies conducted by Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) focusing on the installation of water efficient devices within domestic properties. Phase 3 of H2eco is the third study in this series. It is a continuation of ESW’s very successful long term water efficiency home audits programme based within Chelmsford, Essex. ESW joined forces once again with Mouchel to deliver the project which was to contribute to the Government’s target to reduce water use across the country from around 150 litres per person per day to 120 litres per person per day by 2030 (Defra – Water Strategy, Future Water 2008).

In keeping with the previous Phases ESW endeavored to improve domestic water efficiency by offering the latest water saving products and raising their customer’s awareness of the importance of reducing water wastage. Phase 3 drew on a vast resource of experience from the previous two Phases of H2eco and past water efficiency projects to make innovative developments to the way that ESW and Mouchel deliver water efficiency projects.

1 Introduction

Following on from H2eco Phase 2, ESW and Mouchel employed innovative and progressive techniques in the Phase 3 pilot study of H2eco to further develop the existing structure. Although excellent results had already been experienced, ESW aimed to improve on these further. From H2eco Phase 1 (Dec 07 – May 08) and Phase 2 (May 08 – Oct 08), some aspects of the project were identified where developments could be made. The main driver for this was to increase the accuracy and value of the information supplied by the customer.

Phase 3 continued to focus on the ‘recruitment’ of customers. The style of the ‘self audit’ process was retained and refined and the workbook style application form was redesigned. The thirteen products and services made available to households taking part were retained from Phase 2. From previous water efficiency projects ESW and Mouchel have refined the products offered to use those offering the greatest water savings balanced against cost, efficiency, ease of installation and lifespan. The project operated between January and April 2009 with a relatively short period of audits held over three weeks. Key dates in the project can be seen in Table 1.

Table 1: Key Project Dates

Initial Introductory Letter to Customer29 January 2009
Reminder Letter Sent to Customer13 February 2009
Start of Plumbing Audits2 March 2009
Deadline for Return of Workbook16 March 2009
End of Plumbing Audits27 March 2009
Calculation of Water Savings3 April 2009
Submission of Final Report22 September 2009